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Economic Growth

Updated: May 2, 2020

Most measures on the economy focus on the Gross Domestic Product, unemployment, deficits, taxes and inflation. We often hear numbers for National and Idaho economies. Leaders also like to isolate statistics to justify political choices.

Unfortunately, the state economy is not so simple. The economy is dynamic and integrated into many separate sub-economies and broad statistics. Comparisons of any one statistic to other states, regions to determine what is best for Idaho, fails to account for the diversity of Idaho’s geography which impacts the various economies found throughout Idaho. To maximize our economic potential we must enable our economy and industry through a balance of good tax policy, economic incentives and local planning. A coordinated effort is needed to enhance the cultural, economic and natural resources for the benefit of economic growth and the creation of quality career opportunities. Economic growth must result in a vibrant economy of industrial, agricultural and commercial enterprise, with the final economic impact on the individual.


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