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Flight 666 to HEL

Updated: May 2, 2020

Originally published in the Southern Idaho Republican Women newsletter, September 2013.

I confirmed today that there actually was a Finnair Flight 666 from Copenhagen to Helsinki, and it was on Friday the 13th, in the year 2013. For those of you who suffer from Triskaidekaphobia, I doubt you would have taken a chance on that flight. If you had a need to get to Helsinki, would you take that chance or avoid the risk because of the superstitions associated with the number 13, compounded by the fear of “666”, as written in Revelations 13:17-18. Hexakosioihexekontahexephobia, that’s a long name for the fear of the number “666”.

While I enjoy this type of story, I find it best to rely on facts and experience. Maybe that is why I enjoyed taking a trip to see the Idaho Power Hells Canyon Hydro complex of three dams on the Snake River. Idaho Power periodically takes elected officials on a tour to see firsthand their investment. The three dams, Brownlee, Oxbow and Hells Canyon provide a majority of the power for their customers and this is why we have some of the lowest electric rates in the nation. Seeing first hand gives me a better understanding of the vision and complexity of the construction and operation to keep our power rates low.

I joined Representative Clark Kauffman and Senators Lee Heider and Bert Brackett for a 24 hour trip into the Oxbow airstrip. The flight itself was quite an experience and the view of Idaho back country memorable. A firsthand look adds to my knowledge and ability to serve you. I find relying on experience and facts makes for good decisions. Too often we are provided with opinions and fears, couched as facts. If, or when, water issues focus on the Snake River and Hells Canyon, I will be better prepared to sort through the facts, fiction and myths.

Our flights to “Hells and Back” were great, including the return flight on Friday the 13th. For your information, technology, experience and a good flight plan helped the nearly full Finnair Flight AY666 to a safe landing in Hel on Friday, September 13, 2013.



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