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Tax Policy

Updated: May 2, 2020

The government must practice fiscal responsibility, and tax revenues should provide the government only the money necessary to provide appropriate functions. Idaho’s tax structure should be predictable, fair, and balanced, and the combination of our income, sales, and property taxes should continue to provide a stable, dependable source of income for governmental needs. The current tax policy of the State should be simplified allowing for lower income and sales tax rates.

Property Taxes have and will continue to be a source of contention as long as Idaho Tax policy restricts local governments from participating in the full economic growth of the state and community. The only option for local governments to fund their services is Property Taxes, which are the most unfair system of taxation. Local Governments bear a tremendous burden to provide local services for a growing population. This includes public schools. Statewide changes revenue sharing needs to be considered as an alternative to property taxes. We need to make changes to our tax policy, not simply delay the problem with artificial freezes, that shift property taxes from one class of property owner to another. The use of sales taxes generated by the Wayfair Decision internet purchases is a good source for a broad based reduction of property taxes.


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